Company Background

Project Management.

First class Project Management.

Customer services have the highest priority at DERMALOG. Providing a first-class Project Management requires professionals working with well-developed plans. DERMALOG guarantees advanced Project Management terms to meet and exceed ambitious goals.

The DERMALOG project planning and project managing methodology creates a clear framework. Realized with the modern and comprehensive Project Management tools – at the beginning of every process there is a precise overview of all activities that must be completed.

DERMALOG – A team of experts.

Forming a Project Management team requires experts for a large number of requirements. Every project and consequently every installation needs a team specially tailored to suit a client’s needs. This team of experts pays attention to an elaborate project schedule.

The typical product lifecycle contains the following phases: project plan, work plan milestones and allocating the resources. DERMALOG understands traditional as well as agile Project Management and is therefore flexible to meet a customer’s needs.

DERMALOG uses the plan do check act cycle (PDCA) to adapt the project plan and required resources to the changing project environment. The current project as well as future activities will benefit from these constant improvement processes.

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