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State of Rio de Janeiro
Identification System.

AFIS in Rio de Janeiro.

In Brazil there are several references of DERMALOG solutions implemented since 1999. The largest Reference is in the State of Rio de Janeiro, where the system has been used to guarantee the uniqueness of identity cards and is integrated with several state agencies that require the Day-to-day identification system - criminal identification for the police and for prisons, identification of population and minors under state assistance. Other users are the State Court of Justice, Public Prosecutor's Office and other state bodies, including registries for birth and death records.

This reference in the state of Rio de Janeiro shows that the system is easy to integrate, offering several options for use by the state government, both in the civil area and in the criminal area. Other states such as Acre, Alagoas, Amazonas, Ceara, Pernambuco, Piaui and Roraima also acquired the AFIS DERMALOG.

By the use of fingerprints as an identifier in the enrollment for social assistance, double- or fake identities can be eliminated resulting in a decrease of (government) costs through identity fraud. In the year 2000, after introducing this method, every 200th person turned up having a double or false identity.

The DERMALOG AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) still helps to combat dual and false identities in the state of Rio de Janeiro today.

Important aspects

  1. Rio de Janeiro has been combating duplicate or false identities with a DERMALOG solution for more than 15 years.
  2. AFIS has been instrumental in promoting networking between authorities.
  3. The system is easy to integrate, offering several options for use by the state government.

Strong partnership between Germany and Brazil.

The automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) from DERMALOG has been used in Brazil since 1999. As part of an identification project, DERMALOG implemented the first AFIS in the state of Rio de Janeiro to ensure the uniqueness of the identity of all residents. To the date, several million citizens own these new, unique and biometrically secure ID cards.

The system also supports various government agencies in the process of verifying the correct identity of the people with whom they are in dialogue. With an AFIS system, governments, authorities or the police can check whether a fingerprint already exists in the database and ensure that it contains every finger owner only once.

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